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Island Light Stabilizer

Island Light Stabilizer
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Name: Island Light Stabilizer
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. . . .  While it's a pretty rare problem, occasionally a customer has an island light that will spin. Now usually it's when it's too close to ventilation or it's so low that it gets bumped from time to time. For most customer this isn't an issue but if you just happen to be in this predicament our craftsmen have come up with a solution. This is our Island Light Stabilizer. It's shown here attached to the top of a Wellington Hanging Light. It prevents your lights from spinning uncontrollably. So if you've had this problem, here's your solution !

 . . . Your Island Light Stabilizer comes with three feet of chain and comes with a 5 1/2" ceiling plate in a Kettle Black finish.

. . .  Is entirely hand crafted and hand finished.

. . . Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of your punched tin lighting.