. . . . Below are some of the questions that people ask most frequently. Have a question that we didn't cover ? Just click on the Contact Us button and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible !  -  Uncle Buck

Frequently Asked Questions

. . . . Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii ?  -  Sorry but at this time we only ship to the continental U.S..

. . . . Do You ship to Canada ? - The short answer is no. However we have found a work around for our Canadian fans. The solution is using a forwarding company. There are a number of these companies along the U.S. / Canadian border. Some charge nominal membership fees, some do not. Here are links to three of them we've found.  http://www.freeportforwarding.com/   , http://www.myus.com/  ,     https://bongous.com/  .    
. . . . How much is shipping ? - There is NO additional charge for shipping in the continental U.S. !
. . . . Do you accept checks ? - No but we do accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover including check and debit cards that have that logo.
. . . . Do you offer wholesale pricing ? - Sorry but no we don't offer wholesale pricing but we've fought very hard to keep our prices low and to continue to offer free shipping to the continental U.S. .
. . . . . How long will it take to get my order ? - Due to the fact that everything on our site is hand crafted this can be a tricky question to answer. Since some  of the craftsmen keeps stock those orders ship within seventy-two hours or so. But other items are created when ordered and those pieces can take 6 to 8 weeks to finish and ship. ( Please bear in mind that these hand crafted pieces are NOT stamped out by a machine and are VERY labor intensive. ) We note on each item page the expected shipping time and in cases where the item is not in stock we'll email you with the expected shipping date.

. . . Can I return my order ?Due to the handcrafted nature of our products there is a 10% restocking charge on all returns other than those that are the result of damage in transit or defective.  In those cases we will replace the item with the same item at no charge.
We only make a few requests of all returns:
(1) - If the package is damaged in shipping, please notify the shipping company and My Uncle Buck immediately so that appropriate steps can be taken.
(2) - Your order MUST be returned in the original packaging. The craftsman takes great care to ensure your product arrives in good condition. By using the original packing you will ensure it's safe return.
(3) You must contact us before returning your order. We will then issue a Return Authorization Number that must appear on the shipping label of the carton.
(4) The product MUST be returned in the condition received with no changes to the fixture or wiring.
(5) Of course all requests for exchange or refund must be received within 10 days of receiving your order.
These requests are made to benefit both you and our craftsmen.
. . . . How can I get in touch with My Uncle Buck ? - Just click on the Contact Us button you'll see on every page and email us anytime. Uncle Buck's faithful assistant will reply to you, usually within a couple of hours or less if you email us during regular business hours on the east coast. We don't have a phone number for a very good reason. We do everything possible to keep our prices low and to continue to offer free shipping. Adding someone to our staff to answer phones twenty-four hours a day would add to costs and then the prices you, our customer pays. That's something we try to avoid.
. . . . Do you do custom work ? - Sorry but no the craftsman doesn't do custom work for a variety of reasons. One is to keep production speed quicker. Imagine if you will Henry Ford's original Model-T assembly line if he had to stop every couple of hours to change the look of a fender or do a custom color. It's one of the reason's Ford was quoted as saying " You can have a Model-T in any color you want as long as it's black ! " Even though all our punched tin is hand crafted they do the components in batches in a step by step process much like Ford's original assembly line. So stopping to make special pieces or parts would slow down production tremendously. You'd be getting your orders in months instead of days or weeks.

How do you clean Punched Tin ? - Cleaning punched tin with a rag, sponge, feather duster or any of the "dusters" you'll find at the grocery store is a little like trying to dust a cheese grater. You'll wind up with bits and pieces caught in the punched tin design and wind up pretty frustrated and with a mess ! However there IS a way to clean punched tin that works MUCH better ! To dust these fixtures just pick up a two inch paint brush ! With a paint brush you can get into all the little nooks and crannies without leaving behind a mess. It works great and is reusable. 

Now if you're fixture is a little greasy and needs more serious cleaning well there is a way to handle that too. You just have to be a little careful. First off NEVER use spray cleaners. These can damage the finish. Instead follow these steps. Mix up a MILD solution of dish soap and LUKE-WARM - NOT HOT WATER. Dip your paint brush into the solution, shake off the excess and gently work it into the grimy area. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH WATER! You want your brush just barely damp. The reason is you don't want to damage the finish of the punched tin or have it soaking wet because you've got to dry it when you're done cleaning. Even coated tin can rust because the punched tin pattern exposes bare metal. Once you've got your fixture clean grab your trusty hair dryer. Set it on COOL and blow dry your shade. Make sure it's completely dry. And there you have it ! 

Now I'll grant you you'll feel a little like Indiana Jones using the paint brush method but it's easy and it works great ! So break out you're old fedora and bull whip and have at it !

 What is the difference in the finishes ? 

  The Blackened Tin -  is smoky gray in color with no lacquer, it is made to age faster than the lacquered  Tinware,  crease lines & joining areas will rust sooner.

 The Kettle Black   -  has a dull  lacquer coating which gives it more protection and  it appears blacker. If any punching  on the fixture this will be outward for a more primitive look.



 Country tin- This is a dark pewter appearance, more polished lacquer finish.  If any fixture has punching the punching will always be inward.