Punched Tin Lighting

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Punched Tin Lighting

Long ago in a land that now seems very far away, nearly everything in your home was hand made. One of the things you would find is punched tin lighting.

When we started My Uncle Buck over 15 years ago we had a thought. Why not track down folks that still create hand made punched tin lighting?

Today our punched tin lighting is in use in thousands of homes. But we've also had some of our punched tin lighting used in restaurants, bed and breakfast inns, churches, offices and more. In 2013 we were contacted by the Do - It - Yourself Network about our punched tin lighting. They wound up using three of our sconces on their I Hate My Kitchen show. The picture below is from the actual kitchen they remodeled using our punched tin lighting.

kitchen tin lighting as seen on tv kitchen tin lighting as seen on Do-It-Yourself Network

We've seen the process involved making punched tin lighting and we can tell you it's very labor intensive. Even today they still use some of the same tools to create this punched tin lighting that were used by tinsmiths over 100 years ago. In the end, all their pride and hard work shows. Have a look at our video here.