Cleaning Punched Tin

Cleaning Punched Tin

How do you clean punched tin ?

. . . . We often get questions about caring for and cleaning punched tin lighting, punched tin panels and punched tin lamps and shades. For the most part cleaning punched tin chandeliers is easy. The one thing to keep in mind is you can't use spray cleaners or leave the punched tin lamp shades wet after cleaning punched tin lighting. Why ? Well some punched tin is coated but where there is a punched pattern the raw tin is exposed and it will rust if the punched tin remains wet for an extended period. Also some spray cleaners are harsh and will corrode the bare tin.

. . . . But fear not, there are easy methods you can use for cleaning punched tin lighting and panels. Read on for some easy cleaning tips that are also environmentally friendly !

. . . . Cleaning punched tin lighting with a rag, sponge, feather duster or any of the "dusters" you'll find at the grocery store is a little like trying to dust a cheese grater. You'll wind up with bits and pieces caught in the punched tin panels design and you'll wind up pretty frustrated and with a mess ! However there IS an easy way of cleaning punched tin lighting that works MUCH better ! To dust these fixtures just pick up a one inch paint brush ! With a paint brush you can get into all the little nooks and crannies without leaving behind a mess. It works great and the brush is reusable !

. . . . Now if you're punched tin lighting fixture is a little greasy and needs more serious cleaning there is a way to handle that too. You just have to be a little careful. First off NEVER use spray cleaners. These can damage the finish. Instead follow these steps. Mix up a MILD solution of dish soap and LUKE-WARM - NOT HOT WATER. Dip your paint brush into the solution, shake off the excess and gently work it into the grimy area. DO NOT USE TOO MUCH WATER! You want your brush just barely damp. The reason is you don't want to damage the finish of the punched tin or have it soaking wet because you've got to dry it when you're done cleaning. Even coated tin can rust because the punched tin pattern exposes bare metal. Once you've got your fixture clean grab your trusty hair dryer. Set it on COOL and blow dry your punched tin. Make sure it's completely dry. And there you have it !

. . . . Oh and one more tip that might seem obvious to many of you. If you're cleaning an electrical fixture make sure it's either unplugged or turned off BEFORE you get started cleaning punched tin !!! Like they say, safety first !!

. . . . Now I'll grant you you'll feel a little like Indiana Jones using the paint brush method for cleaning punched tin but it's easy and it works great ! So break out you're old fedora and bull whip and have at it !

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